"Alexis: Wow! Your website really looks great and contains valuable information and links. Way to go!! I will be sure to let others know about your website." - KF - 11/23/11

"Love It!!! I would always bring my kids here! IF I lived in Alaska anymore. As it is, I have personally had Alexis Trout as a babysitter, and would Recommend her to ANYONE with small children. She is absolutely amazing and My child was rarely EVER bored in her care! She is an excellent childcare provider." - RR - 11/22/11

"Awesome! Adventurous! Amazing and Educational! Love the website and love the pics. I would totally enroll my small children, if I had any...would you take teenagers? :)"  - FT - 11/15/11
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News & Daily Doings:
Everyday Play
Doggie cuddles
All smiles after nap time
They look way too comfortable
Everyday Smiles & Cuddles
"brock brock"
Chalkboard fun
How high can the peg toys go
... and they all fall down....
... hello? anybody there ... I think this phone is broken :)
Creative Genius!
Spring Planting - Kale
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Autumn Craft
Autumn Colors Q-tip Painting
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Summer '15 Beach Fun